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LZProject - OpenLaszlo 4 Blueprint Application

The LZProject White Paper

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What is LZProject?

LZProject is an application, written in LZX, for tracking projects. It includes both the client application,
written in LZX, and all necessary back end components, including Java servlets and a small database. It’s
been designed to be simple to deploy and easy to modify. We hope that you’ll download and use the
application, read the accompanying White Paper, and, if you’re a software developer, that you’ll download the sources and play with them too.


Why LZProject?

Many developers have been asking for more complex examples of OpenLaszlo applications, showing how to integrate OpenLaszlo with Java backend technology. While LZProject is not supposed to be production ready code it contains all the parts you would normally see in a database driven OpenLaszlo applications using Java Servlet/JSP technology, including localization.

LZProject contains the LZX source code and the Java source code in zip format. If you are interested in building LZProject on your own system, you'll find the build instruction in the OpenLaszlo Wiki.


I want to learn more!

LZProject only contains a subset of the features of the LZX language. The next step would be to download the full version of the OpenLaszlo server, containing the Developer's Guide and the LZX Reference Manual.

The active and global OpenLaszlo Community can be met in the OpenLaszlo forums and mailing lists.


Looking for professional support?

As a provider of open source technology Laszlo is dedicated to its community, and offers a number of support, training, and consulting services in order to make learning, developing, and deploying OpenLaszlo applications as simple as possible. In addition to helping others build on OpenLaszlo, Laszlo licenses its own sophisticated OpenLaszlo-based commercial applications.